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Disclaimer: Please note, if couriers (FedEx, Purolator, Air Canada, etc) cause a delay due to not shipping the product to its destination on time, whether it be a partial delivery, late delivery, damaged box of product, if your delivery misses your event or if it can only be delivered after 48 hours of being sent (which will most likely be fatal for the live lobsters and they will spoil), we cannot issue reimbursements or refunds on product that the courier is responsible for spoiling. If any rare cases like this arise the best we can do is to submit a claim for reimbursement on your behalf. Most times these claims are not successful because couriers usually have waiver clauses in their service agreements where they are not responsible for the spoiling of perishable items. This rare but real risk cannot be absorbed by us as the lobster supplier. This disclaimer is also to make you as the customer aware that there is always a risk having live lobster delivered.