Sturdy and Insulated Packaging For Our Market Lobsters – Truefoam Divided Cloud Boxes

We have learned from our experience that live fresh lobsters travel best when packed securely in heavy-duty Styrofoam cartons, covered with wet packing material, together with gel ice packs, before they are sent off to you. So, that’s what we do. We also use a more insulated and sturdy box known as a “cloud box”. These boxes are very similar to wine boxes including dividers to separate the lobsters in a fashion that they will not touch each other when shipped. We use these especially in the warmer summer months along with extra ice packs to ensure survival and top quality.


Lobster Supplier International sorts lobsters by size as well as quality. We sort all of our lobsters by weight and hardness of shell. All lobsters are then placed in our cold water lobster tanks for seasoning. We will then custom pack the exact amount of lobster on your order. From 1 to 10+ pounds each and from 1 lobster to 2000+ pounds, we can special pack in insulated boxes and insulated LD3 containers to ensure that they arrive alive and kicking at your door.


Specialized handling and packaging is required for live lobsters. Carefully packed for quality in insulated air cartons, lobsters can be shipped anywhere in the world. Small orders can be over night using door-to-door service. Larger orders can be shipped and received same day or no later than next day. We are 20 minutes from the Halifax International Airport and all shipping and trucking terminals. Our location gives us an advantage over other companies who have to drive several hours before dropping off their shipments. We can take an order at 2:00 in the afternoon and have it to the airport by 3:00, which is very important to minimizing time out of the water for the lobsters.


The following is used to package our products: an insulated styro foam box, frozen ice gel packs, and a cardboard box. Our packaging will keep your order protected and temperature controlled for the duration of the shipment. Each lobster we ship is inspected by hand to ensure you receive a strong, healthy, and hard shell product full of meat.

What if my order does not arrive on time?

Please note, if couriers (FedEx, Purolator, Air Canada, etc) cause a delay due to not shipping the product to its destination on time, whether it be a partial delivery, late delivery, damaged box of product, if your delivery misses your event or if it can only be delivered after 48 hours of being sent (which will most likely be fatal for the live lobsters and they will spoil), we cannot issue reimbursements or refunds on product that the courier is responsible for spoiling. If any rare cases like this arise the best we can do is to submit a claim for reimbursement on your behalf. Most times these claims are not successful because couriers usually have waiver clauses in their service agreements where they are not responsible for the spoiling of perishable items. This rare but real risk cannot be absorbed by us as the lobster supplier. This disclaimer is also to make you as the customer aware that there is always a risk having live lobster delivered.


Packaging Our Lobster


Quality control is essential when transporting our product to market.

Low Profile Shipper

  • 30lb low profile Canadian lobster shipper
  • 1” EPS molded foam cloud box
  • Box weight  7 LBS
ITEM LENGTH WIDTH DEPTH (inside dimensions)
30LB 25 18 8

1-902-460-8706 or 1-800-604-1733